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The Goals of Interior Design - Part II

CLIMATE - Where you live is going to factor into your decisions. It will affect the materials you choose, the colors, the textures, the surfaces, the complexity. For instance, in a warm or hot climate, you'll want to choose "cool" colors, simple and uncluttered spaces that make you feel cooler. However, in a cold, damp climate, you'll be opting for warmth and feeling snug. So you'll most likely be looking at warm colors, plush carpeting and rich woods, with lots of furnishings to make you feel warm and snug.

LOCATION - A high rise condominium with a panoramic view of the city will most certainly affect your decisions regarding materials compared to a country home nestled in trees by the side of a lake.

MOBILITY - I've lived in my home for nearly 30 years and don't plan to move. Therefore my decisions regarding decorating will be very different from someone who doesn't plan to stay in one place very long. Whether you anticipate a job relocation, a divorce, to turn a quick profit in a booming real estate market, or whether you just know you'll want something bigger and better in the near future, you're going to be affected by those goals and anticipations in ways I won't need to consider. Plan accordingly.

HOUSEHOLD - Your age and the age of your family are also considerations in your decision-making. Don't just plan your home for today, but keep the future in mind too. Remember that your little ones are people too, and plan for their comfort and function as well. Keep everyone's privacy issues as a factor and remember how each member of the family interacts with the others. Allow everyone to have a private space where they can express their own individual personality.

LIFESTYLE - Another major consideration in decorating your home is your lifestyle. Are you a single person, spending most of your time away? Do you have a large family that likes to spend a lot of time at home? How much do you entertain? How large are your parties? Do you work from your home? These and many more lifestyle considerations should be taken into account before you buy a home, and certainly when you are decorating one.

PSYCHOLOGY - Are you claustrophobic? Do you feel confined in small spaces, anxious? Does anyone in your family feel that way? Are you agoraphobic, overwhelmed in a large, open space? Is anyone in your family that way? An agoraphobic person needs a snug, smaller space to feel safe. The claustrophobic needs just the opposite. Rooms that will be used heavily by many members of the household should be larger, with higher ceilings and openness. Private spaces should be smaller with lower ceilings and fewer windows. Design your home to fit the psychological makeup of your family.

The Goal of Design, Part I
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