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The Goals of Interior Design - Part I

UTILITY - Your first goal should be utility. This means that the space you design should be effective and serve the primary purpose of the space. Your rooms should be designed to be useful, comfortable and efficient. But don't carry it overboard. Being too efficient can also be boring and cold. Make the usefulness of a room your primary goal, but don't make it the only goal.

ECONOMICAL - Your second goal should be economy. I'm not just referring to your budget, but to the saving of human resources, materials and the environment. For an example, a gourmet cook will want a totally efficient, large kitchen. I, myself, hate to cook, so I get by with a small kitchen that has low maintenance. The same should be true for the other rooms in your home.

Instead of rushing out to buy a new gadget when an old one needs repair, conserve and get the old one fixed. Many times they are made better anyway. Make an overall plan of your needs, so that you don't wind up making costly mistakes and buy unneeded items.

You can also conserve within the environment, not just for the sake of ecology, but for your budget as well. Example: wooden objects have a long life generally speaking and can be refinished many times. When discarded, they will be absorbed back into the environment, whereas plastic or metal will not. Give old objects new life by repairing them, fixing them up and giving them a new purpose. Use your imagination.

BEAUTY - Ahhh, we all want things to be beautiful. Beauty enriches the senses, lifts the spirit and gives pleasure to the eye. It is personal. It is subjective. It expresses your taste. Always seek ways to make your home more inviting and pleasing to eye. Sometimes it means adding something more. Sometimes it means reducing what you have. Seek beauty as a third goal.

CHARACTER - How much time, money and effort you are willing to invest will dictate how personalized your home becomes. You can gut your space and rebuild it according to your specifications. Or you can simply throw on a fresh coat of paint to an existing element. It's totally up to you.

Your ability to create character in your home will surface naturally. It is an extension of you, no matter what you do to it. Even if you do nothing, that is still an extension of you, your family and your lifestyle. Make it your special and unique space. Give it your personality. Be daring.

The Goal of Design, Part II
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